How to Recycle Clothing

This is local recycling with a personal touch!

  • Share with someone in your circle of friends.
  • Give to your local church during their fundraising events.
  • Recycle CLOTHING curbside with Town & Country Disposal & Forest Lake Sanitation.
  • Look for Recycled Wardrobes clothing recycling boxes in your town.
  • Bring your freshly laundered clothes to Recycled Wardrobes!

Never THROW your clothes away. RECYCLE them with us today! ™

Recycle Clothing

Although clothing families affordably has been our mission since 1990, we can recycle some other items for you based on need and space availability.

We CAN Recycle
clean clothing, shoes, purses, belts, bedding, linens, personal care items, jewelry, dvd, cd, movies (with original cases), albums, tools, small working appliances, clean house ware, home decor, collectibles, and furniture with approval, vintage, primitive items, books, eye classes, & cell phones,

We CANNOT Recycle
computers, televisions, exercise equipment, hard side suitcases, car seats, mattresses, cribs, bed pillows, stuffed animals, baby equipment, encyclopedias, readers digest, romance novels, food tins, air conditioners, vaporizers, large appliances, magazines, cassettes, vacuums more the 5 years old, any dirty or broken items.

Thank you for understanding our recycling priority & limits. Family’s on a budget are looking for good to excellent items at affordable prices and Recycled Wardrobes is designed to provide that blessing.