Our Story

Since our original clothing drive and distribution in 1990, the mission of Recycled Wardrobes has never changed. We keep clothing out of the waste stream to provide AFFORDABLE options to families. It’s our ongoing commitment.

When we realized the amount of clothes people threw away ending up in landfills, it didn’t sit well with us. So, with support from county recycling organizations, and local businesses we led the way in developing clothes recycling solutions, and education on keeping them out of the garbage while doing something good for others and the earth. Recycled Wardrobes has been environmentally friendly from the ground up.

Our Boutiques are designed for an affordable, fashionable experience where recycled items are made available in cleanliness, organization, and dignity. This recycling effort purposefully supports the foundation of the community, provides local jobs, and operates to have something to share. Every recycling program we create has an outreach attached to it. Serving in clothing recycling is one of the things that define us.

The task of clothing distribution is very personal. Our family has spent countless hours sorting, boxing, & delivering free clothing blessings to homes, inner city outreaches, reservations, recovery facilities, mission groups, churches, even requests by mail. Whether it’s using clothes to bless others or proceeds to support active outreach, our patrons know that RW is vigorous in combining good business and good works.

The poorest families don’t live here, but in places where resources are not easily found. We are thankful to have an opportunity to also provide for them. Acting locally and abroad is a responsible way Recycled Wardrobes exercises recycling with a personal touch.

You can keep clothing out of the waste stream through our recycling programs. Curbside is available with Town & Country Disposal, and Forest Lake Sanitation. You can also bring them to our Boutiques in Lindstrom & North Branch. Or you can conveniently use one of our GREEN Recycled Wardrobes containers throughout the area hosted by other business owners that desire to contribute to the well being of local families first. Recycled Wardrobes also provides clothing recycling service for Church garage sale or fundraising events. Call us at 651-257-8133 if you would like to switch to local!

Never throw your clothes away. Recycle them with us today! ™